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    Website Design services and SEO in Ghana that help your business grow!

    WopeDigital is a website design company in Accra, Ghana that provides web design and development services, SEO and Internet marketing. Our aim is to help your business grow via every online channel available.

    Top Features Of Our

    Professional Websites

    Rank in Google

    Be found in Google Search and other search engines for your products and services and enjoy free advertising. 

    Scale Your Business

    Automate many of your business processes, include lead capture, online payments, customer information management, etc.

    Beat the Competition

    Get an advantage over your competitors who don’t have one by showing potential clients how professional you are.

    24/7 Access

    Whether it’s a holiday or not, rain or shine, day or night, your website keeps working to help you gain and keep your customers.

    Ecommerce Website Design and Online Stores

    We set up eye catching ecommerce websites and online stores that have increased conversion rates and are just a delight to shop from. With automated email and SMS notifications to you and your clients, to unlimited product uploads, product variations, multiple high resolution images, multiple payment gateways and providers, multi-currency support, multiple ecommerce platforms and a host of others.

    We are privileged to be the No. 1 ecommerce website designers in Ghana, helping hundreds of businesses set up and run their online shops. We’re happy to have clients who go to bed and wake up richer because new customers were ordering their products whilst they slept.

    We also recently completed the largest study on ecommerce in Ghana which we believe you’ll not only enjoy but will certainly enable your online store succeed more easily.

    Depending on the preferred payment options of your target audience, you can accept payments with your favourite payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Flutterwave, expressPay, Rave, Paystack, PesaPal and more. You’ll be able to process any and all mobile money payments, Visa, MasterCard and even direct bank payments, depending on your processor.

    Payment Methods

    Quality Web Design and Development Services

    Website design has gotten more necessary than ever in the digital age we live in. Everything has gone digital, everything’s on the Internet. Whether we’re trying to buy, sell, learn or entertain ourselves, we’re doing it all via the help of the Internet. And because everyone is online, your business should have an online presence too.

    Having a website is not just about you or your business per se. It’s about your customers. Your customers want information about you, your business, your products, services, etc. Your ability to hire one of the top web design agencies in Ghana to create your business website can be the difference between success and failure.


    Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying

    We’ve designed over 450 website, even for some of the best web design companies in Ghana, managed hundreds of Internet marketing campaigns, achieving blowout sales for our clients. We’d like to do the same for you. View more testimonials

    Y’all seriously this right here is the real deal.

    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    “Excellent customer service and their work is amazing. They are handling my fashion brand online store and I’m loving every bit of it. Try them today and you won’t be disappointed.”
    Nelly Nel
    CEO, Nelly Nel Couture

    Our Clients

    We are your digital marketing partners

    The world of business moves fast! Opportunities appear and within a split second, competitors move in. To keep growing, you need every advantage available to both increase your revenue and cut your expenses. That’s what we do.

    By getting you on the first page of Google with a website designed for your business, we make it easy for new customers to find and patronize your products and services. Contact us today and let’s find out how much more your business can stand to grow.

    Your Advantage

    Business systems that work so you don’t have to.

    You should be able to enjoy your business and focus on what you do best. By implementing both advertising (short-term) and SEO (long-term), you can gain new customers for years to come at a much lower customer acquisition cost.

    Web Design




    Why Many Businesses Choose

    Professional Websites by Us


    We have some of the best website developers in Ghana on our team. That’s why other website companies hire us. We’ve designed over 450 sites within the last 3 years alone.


    As one of the best website design companies in Ghana, we’re efficient at keeping costs within budget. We’re able to assure you of great value for your project.


    We work fast! We complete most projects within 7 working days. By the 4th working day, your site is 80% complete and ready for you to review and provide feedback.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Managed hosting is an alternative to traditional hosting. The major difference though is that with traditional hosting, you are on your own with no one to help you. You are responsible for any technical and/or security issues that arise with your website and would have to pay someone to have such issues worked on for you if you aren’t very technically inclined.

    With managed hosting on the other hand:

    • We ensure that your website is always online.
    • We handle technical issues that may arise so you can concentrate on your business.
    • We manage security issues, patches, platform updates, etc to protect your website from hackers, and malicious actors.
    • We provide expert advice and support 7 days a week.

    If you also desire/require regular changes to your website, like updates to your website’s content, products, pricing, etc on a regular basis, we do have website care plans for those as well.

    Not a problem at all. If you already have a domain name you’d like to use, there are 3 options to consider:

    Change your domain’s nameservers: In changing your domain’s nameservers, all you are doing is pointing your domain name in our direction. This means that you will continue to pay whoever you bought the domain name from on a yearly basis for the renewal of the domain. (If you had email accounts working on your domain, they will no longer work once the nameservers are changed). You can read a bit more about changing your domain’s nameservers here: How do I change my domains nameservers to point to you?

    Update your domain’s A Record: In updating your domain’s A Record, your emails and any other applications you may have on subdomains will continue to work as before. You will continue to pay whoever you bought the domain name from on a yearly basis for the renewal of the domain though. You can read a bit more about updating your domain’s A Record here: How do I update my domain’s A Record to point to you?

    Transfer your domain: Transferring your domain name to us is a process that can take between 24 hours and 7 days depending on the registry. The advantage of this is that you will no longer have to pay anyone else a separate fee whilst also paying us for your site. The cost of your domain is free with all our packages (limited to .com, .net, .org and .biz) You can read a bit more about transferring your domain to us here: How do I transfer my domain to you?

    Because we provide a world-class managed hosting service, we do not provide for server-level access except on our Corporate Plans.

    Storage: The amount of disk space available for each website for storing files, pictures, videos, emails, etc.

    Bandwidth: The amount of data or information that can be accessed from your website each month. The more visitors and traffic your website has, the more bandwidth you need.

    Pages: The number of pages that will be created for your website on setup. If you need your website to have more pages than that, we do allow you to pay for additional pages. Alternatively, you can log in and create an unlimited number of pages free of charge.

    Products: The number of products that will be upload to your website on setup. If you need your website to have more products that that, we do allow you to pay for additional products. Alternatively, you can log in and create an unlimited number of products free of charge.

    Email Accounts: We provide you with the option to have business email accounts like, or

    SSL: An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate comes free with all our website plans and this gives your customers an extra degree of confidence with the presence of the https lock symbol in their browser.

    Responsive Design: We ensure that the website we design for you is not only beautiful, but fully functional on devices of all sizes, from desktops to smartphones.

    Ecommerce: This refers to being able to sell products and services through your website via your website’s shopping cart functionality. Your clients can visit your site, select products/services they want to purchase, add them to their cart, and make payment for their orders.

    SMS Notifications: We provide notifications via text messages to both clients and site owners when a new ecommerce order is placed.

    Plugins: The ability to have a variety of optional plugins available or installed on your website to increase its functionality.

    Private Server: A system of isolation that enables your website to perform better without being impacted by the performance of other websites.

    CDN: A CDN (Content Distribution Network) enables your website’s assets (images, videos and other files) to be distributed through a global network of servers, enabling your site load faster and also reduces both the work done by your server and the bandwidth consumed.

    Priority Support: Clients with Priority Support have any issues and tickets attended to and resolved first.

    Completion: The duration within which your website will be completed.

    Yes you can. We provide you with the necessary login details to enable you access your site and make whatever changes you see fit. We also provide you with basic tutorials and documentation in order to help you do so.

    When required, we use professionally designed website templates from the best developers in the world. Many of these also have integrated builders that make editing your website simple by way of drag and drop functions, similar to other website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Hubspot, GoDaddy builder and others.

    Need to add a new landing page? Or want to update a web page with some new banners from your graphic designer? Not a problem at all. You’ll be able to do that in just a few minutes.

    That’s not a problem at all. You would only incur the setup costs shown. Any monthly managed hosting costs would not apply to you.

    If you have your own domain name and hosting account and only need your site designed and developed, then yes the payment would only be a one-time payment.

    If however you would prefer that we provide you with high-end managed hosting of your website as well, then that component would recur monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the billing cycle you prefer.

    There certainly are many web development firms in Ghana that would deliver an excellent site depending on your requirements.

    Here’s our list of the best web design companies in Ghana when we aren’t the best fit for your project.

    With respect to our Search Engine Optimization services, there are many different facets to it, including technical, on-page, off-page and content creation. We do provide a lot of technical and on-page SEO features either already set, or available for you to adjust and set as they please.

    We however do not include our SEO services in our website packages by default. We do this to ensure that the cost of our packages are as streamlined as possible, allowing you to pay for only what you desire, in case you prefer to handle Search Engine Optimization yourself or via someone else.

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