It has recently been brought to our attention that there is a recruitment scam going on in our name and we wanted to alert the general public to the fact that we have no hand in this impersonation.

From what we’ve gathered, the scam is being perpetrated via WhatsApp and Telegram. People have received WhatsApp messages from unknown foreign numbers, offering them either a full-time or part-time job working for/with WopeDigital.

The person introduces themselves as Miss Vinza, Jennifer or another name, a Senior Representative Officer at WopeDigital LTD (we have no position in our company like that). They then proceed to share a job offer.

The job the scammers offer involves initially subscribing to YouTube channels with remuneration being instant and the only requirements are to have a YouTube account, a Telegram account and a Mobile Money wallet.

By completing initial tasks of subscribing to YouTube channels, the scammers offer more tasks with more remuneration to gain your trust. Once you’re in their Telegram group or channel, tasks eventually escalate to requiring a prepayment.

They promise and pay a return on your initial payment with higher and higher tiers until they suddenly take the channel private or disappear, with people losing their funds.

The numbers we know of that are being used for this scam originate from America, Indonesia and Zambia. They include:

+1 (830) 465-5917
+1 (908) 648-2639
+62 858-4731-64154
+62 857-3824-99532
+62 877-6337-14968
+62 857-1228-21785
+62 838-5653-64476
+62 815-2292-14489
+62 857-6511-24861
+62 856-0348-70117

As we discover more of these numbers, we will continue to highlight them.

The scam has proven very popular in India and seems may now be being exported to Ghana. You can learn more about the methodology in the Forbes video below.

If you have received a similar offer via WhatsApp or any other platform, kindly:

  • Block and report the number to WhatsApp that contacted you as WopeDigital LTD
  • Send us a screenshot including the number they used so we can share this more widely to alert as many people as possible.

A few more people have contacted us on seeing our various posts on social media to inform us of the ongoing scam.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to engage us regarding this scam.

Stay safe!

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