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YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising and Online Video Promotion

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world with well over 1.9 billion logged in users? Over half of all Internet users in the world watch videos on YouTube every single month and 70% of them do so on their smartphones. Instead of running very expensive television adverts, you can now reach an even larger audience than that of television with YouTube Advertising.

With the consumption of video exploding every single year, YouTube Advertising positions you right in front of potential customers as they consume their favourite videos, many times on autoplay, with your ads interspersed, raising awareness for your brand. And with YouTube videos being watched on mobile, your ads can be watched anywhere and at any time.

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  • Frequency Optimization

Some YouTube Campaigns

Getting Ready To Advertise on YouTube

One of the main requirements to run a great YouTube Advertising campaign is an engaging video, especially one that is under 30 seconds long (unless you opt for non-skippable ads which should be about only 15 seconds long.) Once you have an engaging video and a YouTube channel, you're ready to get your campaign underway.


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48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my ads appear?

Your ads will be displayed on YouTube.com, on the various YouTube apps for mobile and tablet devices, and on millions of websites across the Internet that have embedded YouTube videos. For example, if you are advertising a bakery, your ads can be shown to people watching channels or videos bakery related issues, cooking, food, etc. If your target customer is a subscriber of Martha Stewart’s YouTube channel, they’ll also likely be shown your ads.

What type of YouTube advertising formats can you run for me?

When it comes to running video ads on YouTube, there are 3 main formats:

  1. Skippable Video Ads
  2. Non-skippable Video Ads
  3. Bumper Ads

You can learn more about the various formats here: YouTube Advertising Formats. If you don’t want to run a video ad but still want to advertise on YouTube, you would need to rather run a Google Display Advertising campaign.

Can I advertise anything on YouTube?

You can advertise a wide range of products and services on YouTube. Because it’s a Google owned property, their advertising policy is covered by Google’s guidelines which you can find here: Advertising Policy

Google requires that all ads are “Family Safe”. A quick but non-exhaustive list of things that are either restricted or prohibited include:

  • Sexual enhancement products
  • Adult products or services
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Illegal, prescription or unapproved drugs and supplements
  • Slimming and weight loss products
  • Counterfeit, imitation and fake products
  • Dangerous products or services
  • Enabling dishonest behavior
  • Inappropriate content
  • Misrepresentation
  • Adult content
  • Alcohol
  • Copyright material
  • Gambling
  • Healthcare and medicines
  • Political content
  • Financial services
  • Trademarks
  • Financial services, network and multi-level marketing

Can I choose which YouTube channels I want my ad shown on?

Yes, you certainly can. If you already know the types of channels your target audience watch the most, you can have your video advertising be targeted to only those specific channels. The reverse is also true. If there are particular channels you would prefer your adverts not be shown on, they can be excluded from your advertising campaign.

What do I need to run YouTube ads?

To run video ads via YouTube Advertising, you need:

  • A YouTube channel
  • You need to have your video that you want to run as your ad uploaded to your YouTube channel.

You will find YouTube’s requirements in detail here: YouTube Video Ad Requirements

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