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When you want to get the pulse of a nation and find out what everyone's talking about, Twitter is the go to place. Whether it's celebrity gossip, or a national issue or even breaking news, you'll always hear it first on Twitter. But with the average lifespan of a tweet being only 18 minutes, you have to get creative in order to have as many people see your tweets as possible.

Twitter Advertising allows you to own the conversation, and for a much longer time period too. Elevate your tweets or promotions and have them seen by thousands and thousands of people all day and gain new followers at the same time. But if you want the whole nation talking about you and your business, then have your hashtag become the promoted trend for everyone on Twitter in your country for a whole day, ranking above every other trend, no matter how popular. It's hard to put a price on exposure like that.

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Getting Ready To Advertise on Twitter

Running a Twitter Advertising Campaign can get you tremendous results, depending on your objective. We recommend Twitter Ads mainly for high exposure and brand awareness. When you want to spark a conversation around your brand with influencers, all you need is to have a Twitter account, and we can get your first Twitter Advertising campaign running in no time.


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The median lifespan of a tweet is only 18 minutes.

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Promoted Tweets

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Promoted Trends

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Promoted Tweets

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Promoted Trends

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Promoted Tweets

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  • Data Analytics
  • Custom Audiences
  • Analytics Tracking
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Similar Audiences
  • Increase Followers
  • Comments and Engagement
  • Frequency Optimization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your ads will be displayed on Twitter.com and on the various Twitter apps for mobile and tablet devices, depending on the targeting options specified.

Twitter does have quite a few advertising formats that we can run for you. Generally though, they have promoted trends, promoted accounts and promoted tweets. With respect to promoted tweets, various formats are available including:

  • Plain text Tweet
  • Image website card
  • Image app card
  • Promoted video
  • Single image tweets & GIFs
  • Multi-image tweets
  • Video app cards
  • Video website cards
  • Conversational ads
  • Direct message cards

You can find more information on the various promoted tweet formats here: Twitter Ad Formats

Yes, you can. Twitter provides a wide array of targeting options via which you can reach your ideal audience and one of them is to target followers of particular Twitter accounts. You’d be able to select the specific Twitter accounts which you believe your clients are likely to be followers of and people who follow that account will get to see your ads.

To run video ads via YouTube Advertising, you need:

  • A YouTube channel
  • You need to have your video that you want to run as your ad uploaded to your YouTube channel.

You will find YouTube’s requirements in detail here: YouTube Video Ad Requirements

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