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Success in business requires going where your customers are, and with over 5.7 billion searches per day, one place they are is on Google. The problem though is that for many phrases or questions searched on Google, there is usually one winner and millions of losers. If you want to be that one winner, your website has got to rank in Google, and we do provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to achieve just that.

Until your website ranks at the top of Google though, you still need to tap into the enormous customer base available. With Google Search Ads, you can have your business rank in the number one spot on Google whenever your customers search for the product or service you provide.

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Google Search Ads

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Advertising in Google Search

A good Google Search Advertsing campaign starts with selecting the right keyword phrases that your customers use when searching for your products. We help you find and identify the keywords that are most likely to help move the needle for your business.

We also ensure to eliminate searchers who have no intent of buying your product or service by specifying negative keywords. This makes sure your budget is efficiently spent on clients likely to purchase your services.


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“Well, I really love the great work by WopeDigital. Very affordable and the best. Guyz they have really helped me grow my business.”


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If you build it… you may still need Google AdWords.
– Jennifer Mesenbrink

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  • Data Analytics
  • Custom Audiences
  • Visitor Tracking
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Similar Audiences
  • Increased Awareness
  • Responsive Ads
  • Frequency Optimization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your ads will appear at the top or bottom of Google Search Result Pages (SERPs). The more refined your campaign is, the more likely you will be shown as the first ad for the keyword phrases used for your campaign.

Yes, they are. Google has ‘retired’ the Google Adwords phraseology though, going simply with Google Ads. We’re simply referring to the type of ads that appear in search results as Google Search Ads.

We’re glad to hear we’re optimizing your website to rank higher and higher in Google. Search Engine Optimization campaigns though usually take time. Many campaigns take more than 3 months before major results can be seen. Until your website ranks high in Google, you can always benefit from the millions of people there by running Google Search Ads.

Your ad will be shown to people who’s search queries match the keywords you’ve chosen and they’ll be able to click through to your website, just as if you had ranked first in Google.

Whilst Google Search Ads are text-based ads that show only when people search in Google’s Search Engine, Google Display Ads on the other hand have many more formats, including images, video and text and can potentially be displayed on millions and millions of websites across the world.

Google Search Ads are terrific for finding customers who have a high-intent to buy, or ‘bottom-of-funnel’ customers whereas Google Display Ads are currently better suited to introducing your products and services, increasing awareness of your brand and also for retargeting visitors who have already encountered your business and website.

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