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The Internet is everywhere and being used by everyone. Harness the power of the Google Display Network to reach over 90% of Internet users.

Have your ads appear where your potential customers and clients are most likely to visit, whether that’s,, or more popular websites in your country or across the entire web.

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 What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (or GDN) is an advertising platform from Google that enables your ads…

 Where will my ads appear?

Your ads will be displayed on various websites depending on your campaigns targeting methods. For…

 How many people will my ads be shown to?

The number of people your ads will be shown to by default is dependent on the package you select….

 What type of ads can you run for me on the Google Display Network?

We currently run either static or animated banner ads on the Google Display Network. Static…

 Can I advertise anything on the Google Display Network?

You can advertise a wide range of products and services on the Google Display Network. There are…

 Can I target my ads to people in different countries?

Yes, ads can be targeted to people in different countries. There are a lot of targeting options…

 Can I choose which websites I want my ads to appear on?

If the sites you want to target are part of the Google Display Network and they are available for…

 What do I need to run ads on the Google Display Network?

To run your ads on the Google Display Network, you need:A website: A website is required in order…

 I don’t have a website

A website is a compulsory requirement in order to advertise on the Google Display Network….

 I don’t have banner ads or a graphic designer

Having banner ads are also a requirement to run ads on the Google Display Network. However if you…

 What are the requirements for banner ads?

Google has over 20 different banner ad sizes. They can be found here: Banner Ad SizesThe…

 How much does it cost to advertise on the Google Display Network?

The various packages we currently have available for advertising on the Google Display Network…

 How will I know my ads are running?

Google usually takes up to 24 hours to review ads and start them running. We will alert you once…

 Do you also advertise anywhere else?

We currently run ads on: Facebook Instagram YouTube We plan to start running ads on:…

 How long will it take to get my ads running?

It takes Google about 1 business day to review your ads. So once your banner ads are available…

 How do I pay for my adverts?

We have multiple methods for paying for your ads. If you’re located in Ghana, you can make…

 I want to advertise for more than 1 week

Not a problem at all. When placing your order on our website, you’re able to select the duration…

 I got a text message that my ads were coming to an end

Yes please, we try to keep you as updated as possible with respect to the end point for your…

Google Advertising Banners

We’ve got hundreds of excellent designs to choose from and are adding more regularly. We provide you with beautifully designed banners for advertising on Google. Take a look around.


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People Reached

By advertising on Popular Sites, you’re able to reach thousands and even millions of people online. Don’t limit your potential, break out and reach new clients and customers today.

Multiple Banner Sizes

Get your message across on all screens and devices where your clients and customers are, with up to 17 different banner formats for your ads. We can help you with those if you need graphic design services.


With Google Display ads, you can make sure your message gets to the people you want it to. Where are they located? What age bracket are they in? What are their interests? And so much more.

More Than Social

Break out of the limitations of social networks and reach anyone and everyone, whether they’re logged in or logged out. As long as they’re online, they’ll see you.


View the total results of your Google Display ad campaigns easily via whatever analytics program you have for your website. Find out where they are seeing and responding to your ads most.


Run your ads for as short a period as 5 days. But if that’s not enough for you, not a problem at all. Run them for a week, 2 weeks, a month, even up to 3 months if you desire.

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