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Advertise on the world’s largest social networks. Reach everyone and their grandmother.

Get the word out about your product, business or organization! Target your ads specifically to the right audience by gender, location, age group, interests and so much more. Reach potential customers who just need to know that you have the solution they are looking for.

Our packages will allow you to reach up to 250,000 potential customers per week and even more…..!

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  • STARTER1,000+ views per day

  • $50 for 2 weeks

  • $100
    for 1 month
  • $300
    for 3 months
  • STANDARD2,000+ views per day

  • $100 for 2 weeks

  • $200
    for 1 month
  • $600
    for 3 months
  • STEADY4,000+ views per day

  • $200 for 2 weeks

  • $400
    for 1 month
  • $1,200
    for 3 months

People Reached

By advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you’re able to reach thousands and even millions of people who currently aren’t following you. Instead of being limited to only your ‘followers’, break out and reach new potential customers and followers.

Likes and Follows

Get notified on comments, likes, reactions, follows and more right from inside Facebook and Instagram. Interact with your customers, reply their comments, respond to their messages in real-time.


With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can make sure your message gets to the people you want it to. Where are they located? What age bracket are they in? What are their interests? Customer targeting and so much more.

Page Likes

You have a message, so gather an audience who want to hear what you have to say. Run a page like campaign and gain hundreds or thousands of new followers who you can continue to communicate to through your posts on a daily basis (Facebook only).


View the total reach of your ad campaigns easily and quickly right from your Facebook page. All your ads show you how many people they’ve been shown to with a nice orange bar right underneath them.


Run a good, strong campaign for as short as 5 days. But if that’s not enough for you, not a problem at all. Run them for a week, a month or even up to 3 months if you desire.


 Where will my ads appear?

Your ads will appear in the newsfeeds of your target audience. Whilst they are browsing through…

 How many followers will I get?

Running sponsored ads on Facebook is a sure way to gain new followers. Whether you are running a…

 How many people will my ads be shown to?

The number of people your ads will be shown to by default is dependent on the package you select….

 What type of ads can you run for me on Facebook?

Facebook has quite a few ad formats but the two main types we provide are the:- Sponsored Ads:…

 Can I advertise anything on Facebook?

You can advertise almost anything on Facebook. There are some restrictions though. You can refer…

 Can I target my ads to people in different countries?

Yes, ads can be targeted to people in different countries. There are a lot of targeting options…

 Can you boost a post from my Facebook page?

Yes, you can boost a post from your Facebook page and have it run as a sponsored ad if you…

 What do I need to run ads on Facebook?

To run your ads on Facebook, you need:A Facebook page: Although you may have a personal/private…

 I don’t have a Facebook account

A Facebook account is a requirement in order to have a Facebook page. You can always open a…

 I don’t have a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a requirement for running ads on Facebook. A Facebook page is different from a…

 Why are you requesting access to my page?

We are requesting permission from you in order to run adverts on Facebook on your behalf. We are…

 How do I add you as an advertiser?

There’s only one simple step to setup your page for us to run adverts on your behalf. Currently,…

 How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

We have 4 packages for advertising on Facebook. The cost to advertise is dependent on two main…

 What kind of images/videos can I use for my ads?

For each advertising package, you are able to run up to 5 images/videos or a combination of them….

 How will I know my ad is running?

If you’re logged into Facebook and you have a role or access to the page running the adverts,…

 How can I be sure that my ad will reach the numbers you state?

The reach numbers we provide are highly accurate for most average campaigns. The numbers you’ll…

 Do you also advertise on Instagram?

Yes please, we most certainly are more than capable of running your ads on Instagram for you. The…

 Will you manage my Facebook account as well?

At the moment, we do not provide social media management services. Whilst we are more than happy…

 Will you design the ads for me?

The creatives (images, videos and captions) that we run for your advertising campaigns are all…

 How long will it take to get my ads running?

Once you’ve set up your account, submitted your ads and purchased your package, we submit the ads…

 Will my ad be on your WopeDigital page?

We don’t advertise customers on our business pages. Your ads are going to run through the…

 I can already boost my page and posts, what do I need you for?

If you are already able to boost your pages and posts on Facebook and are quite satisfied with…

 How do I pay for my adverts?

We have multiple methods for paying for your ads. If you’re located in Ghana, you can make…

 How do I pay for my adverts?

We have multiple methods for paying for your ads. If you’re located in Ghana, you can make…

 I want to advertise for more than 1 week

Not a problem at all. When placing your order on our website, you’re able to select the duration…

 I want to advertise two different Facebook pages

If you would like to advertise 2 different Facebook pages, all you need to do is set us up as…

 I don’t have access to a computer. Can I set up my account from my phone or tablet?

Currently, Facebook have not made the necessary menus available on phones and tablets. Because…

 Why can’t I find the ad on my Facebook page?

If you can’t find your ad on your Facebook page, it means that the ad was created separately and…

 I can post portrait images, why can’t I use portrait images for ads?

It is true that you can post portrait pictures to your page, however with respect to advertising,…

 Why do some of my ads do better than others?

Facebook uses various programming algorithms to ensure you get the greatest value for your…

 I got a text message that my ads were coming to an end

Yes please, we try to keep you as updated as possible with respect to the end point for your…

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