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Wishing you a Happy Easter in advance. We’ve got a boatload of announcements to make so let’s dive right in.

100% SSL

Since Google (and other browsers) started issuing warnings on websites that don’t have an SSL certificate, we’ve been working hard in the background and we’re happy to announce that all our websites are now on SSLs. If you have a website with us, whether from 2011 or just yesterday, your site is now on an SSL. Enjoy the increased security.

500+ Designs

If you haven’t visited WopeDigital.com in the last month to check out our latest and greatest designs, you’re missing out. With currently well over 500 simply amazing designs, it might just be time you finally got your website, or considered a redesign. Design trends are evolving all the time and we are committed to ensuring that your website can always impress your prospects and clients.


Since we launched our GHc39/month price point in August 2018, we’ve had tremendous feedback and have enabled hundreds of new businesses and organizations to come online. To that end, we want to take things a step further. Depending on the billing cycle you choose (ranging from quarterly to triennially), you can now have your website for as low as GHc29/month. (Nothing changes for our existing customers apart from the fact you’re eligible for our new packages also.)

Aside from our Business Email and Extra Storage addons, we’re also introducing 6 more, available to our website clients.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Getting the most value out of Facebook and Instagram campaigns can be confusing. There are a lot of things available that can make your ads much more effective and they include tracking pixels, better campaign objectives, custom audiences, lookalike audiences and much more. We’re introducing 30-day Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns for all website clients who are eligible. Providing you with the same advertising techniques we use in our own campaigns.

Google Remarketing Ads

More than 90% of visitors to your website won’t make a purchase immediately. In our very distracting world, you need to remind people of your products and services. Run a Google Display Remarketing campaign that will remind potential customers of your business, no matter where they go on the Internet. Most people need to see you again, and again, and again, and again, and again before they finally pull the trigger and make that purchase. Try our Google Remarketing Ads for 30 days.

SMS Notifications

You can now send SMS notification to your clients and customers when they place orders or make purchases on your website. Customized from your business name, add an extra professional touch to your service delivery.

Android Mobile App

Take advantage of evolving technology and have your very own Android Mobile App in the Google Play Store. With your own mobile app, mirroring your website, every update you make to your site is automatically reflected in your mobile app. Not only that, you get to send unlimited push notifications to all users of your mobile app.

Google Search Ads

Whilst working to ensure your website ranks better in Google search, sometimes you need to get your customers a little faster than that. With Google Ad words, you can have your business show up at the very point where people are looking for the product or service that you offer. Try our Google Search ad campaigns for 30 days.


We’re always looking to improve and provide you with better service. If there’s a feature you’re looking forward to that we aren’t already working on, do let us know and we’ll have that on our radar. Hope you have a lovely day!

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