What content do you need for my website?

The content we need for your website includes anything you want your clients and customers to have access to. A guideline can be found below. Depending on the type of site you're requesting, you may skip certain points:

  • Logo
  • About Us
  • Team, Mission, Vision
  • Testimonials
  • Services/Products
  • Contact Information
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages, etc
  • Pictures and images
We create your first 10 pages free with your website. If your site is an online shop or you will be selling products on your site, we will need you to send us your product information as below. This helps us easily work with your content and also identify any lapses that might arise:

Product 1
Product Name: Best Hair Cream
Product Category: Hair Care
Product Description: This is the best hair cream on the market
Product Price: 35
Product Images: img001, img002, img048, img458
Variations (if any): If the product is to have multiple selection options like colour or size, do provide this information.

and so on. You can send the product information in a Word document and attach the images or use any of the file sharing services. We upload you first 20 products free.

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