FB and IG Ads 38

Everything you need to know about running sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram

General Issues 9

Answers to some general questions pertaining to WopeDigital

Google Display 17

Everything you need to know bout running banner ads on the Google Display Network

Website/Online Store 35

Everything you need to know about getting a website or online store

Most Popular Articles

 How do I connect my Instagram account to my Facebook page?

To connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page from your phone, you can follow the...

 How do I add you as an advertiser?

Once we've sent the needed ad agency request to your Facebook page, you simply need access to a...

 Can I advertise anything?

You can advertise almost anything on Facebook and Instagram. There are some restrictions though....

 What kind of images/videos can I use for my ads?

For each advertising package, you are able to run up to 5 ads. If you want to run lots of images,...

 Why can't I find the ad on my Instagram page?

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not yet provide ad agencies with the ability to boost or...

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